Friday, 3 June 2011

Swiss Guard Barracks

For my new Environment project I wanted to create something based on Renaissance architecture. I have gathered alot of reference and brainstormed some ideas. I have based my final architectural design on "Palazzo della sapienza". I have changed some elements to fit my design and purpose. The main idea is to create a square/palazzo inside the training barracks of the swiss guard. Filled with Impressive renaissance architecture, foliage, armory equipement and some point of interests like a fountain or a sculpture. I've sketched quickly some ideas on the layout but at the end I went for a closed version since it would be a part/square in a massive barracks building.

I have blocked out my area quickly in UDK with modular pieces built in 3Ds Max. Took me about 2 days to do it but then I realized how many mistakes I have made. I thought I had the scale right. Here are some screenshots of the blockout.

Now I am working on rebuilding the scale and redoing the modular pieces. Will post some updates soon.

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