Monday, 26 December 2011


Was fed up a bit with the straight lines and that small tip of the old building and redesigned it a bit. It's just a quick geometry mockup and still needs to be uv'd and textured (additional bit) on the new building.

More curved arches will bring more interest to the main building I think.

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Panel Test

Just testing out a quickly baked Sci-Fi panel. Made the detail cut ins a bit too big on it.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Old Forklift Truck

Finished and Textured :)

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rooftop progress

So I finally decided. Took me some time but it's setteled. I realizied that assets that I've already created I could use in my previous much more interesting blockout so I got back to it. I've re-adjusted some modular pieces and now working on texture panels so I can cut down the geometry of the ground floor and map it to the texture. The overall idea will be to use the textures created for floor and modular bits to wrap around simple assets like chairs and some simple assets. For more unique assets I will use 512's and try to multisub them and reuse the texture bits from other sheets. I am creating most of it in geometry to use vertex paint shader in UDK to give a bit of veriety to some parts and also tint some parts to give a different look to them. Here are some screenshots of the progress...

Did also a quick paintover of how the main building will look. Just playing with shapes. After I have done all the metal panels and do the floor I will expand on this one.

Sunday, 27 November 2011


I have crated my new FMP blog since the old one had less stuff on it and didn't have a proper name. I have recreated the posts and updated them with new stuff and shots from my presentation.

I've called my Final Major Project - "NEW HAVEN". You can find it here :


Hope you enjoy reading it :)

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Highrise Rooftops

My new blockout was more based on highrise building areas in a hige metropolis. This one looks more busy than the other one and feels like it is in the middle of a city. The previous one would be the highest building in the city and would feel very alone. Here I got alot of elements which break up the sky and also alot of tiers that make it more interesting.

This environment is based on 4 highrise building roofs. Still have to decide on what to put on the 4th one as its not yet blocked out. Might put something unique on it and fill it out with assets from the other rooftops.

Concidering that I have not much time left to get at least 80% of this done I will challenge myself to do it in that time. I am planning to have all the assets done by then, first lighting pass, collisions, serounding buildings done and maby some particles. I will have to leave some stuff like some specular maps and particles for christmas.
I already have an assetlist. Everything is made to scale and snaps to grid. It is just a matter of cutting the geometry, making tilable textures and creating the assets. However I need to keep in mind the reusability and utilization of the texture sheets that I will produce.... Will post some updates soon ! :)

Old Rooftop blockouts

Here are some screenshots from my OLD blockout which I have based previously on this building in Chicago. Wanted to create a futuristic pool lounge. I have invested in it about a week of work to crete all the modular bits and plan out some stuff for it.

Here are some screenshots of my blockout. I have changed the middle front bit so it has 2 tiers for people to roam around.

I am not entirely trashing thise one yet. I figure that for the rooftop project I should create something different than this. Something more Highrise and industrial. That's why I have decided to start over quickly and make new blockouts ASAP.

Forklift Truck texturing W.I.P

I have reUV'd the model into 2 seperate sheets and assinged different submaterials. I tried to make less important and visible stuff smaller to leave space for the bigger, detailed and more important elements. I am quite happy that I managed to squeaze it to the limits :)
After that I had to rebake some stuff couple of times for better results. Here is a screenshot of all the baked stuff on it. No photoshop texturing was applied yet. Just simple diffuse bake inside max with multi-sub color materials for different parts, some AO's High and lows and normals.

....and here are the UV's

Next will be painting on dirt, rust and scratches and adjusting some elements of the normal map.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rooftop Research

Did some Texture budget and reusing research for my rooftop project a while ago and made those panels for my design document. I have looked on how much space does each texture use to fit it in the budget I got. Also look how I can properly use th grid system to plan out space on a texture sheet to not waste anything.

The last one has some ref pictures on a clean style with metal panels I want to achieve.
Basicly the idea is to blockout everything first and then create textures that I could reuse all over the level. With that system a lot assets can share the same texture space.

Did a couple of blockouts and working on the last (proper one). Will post some updates on it soon.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Low Poly and Test Bake

Low poly is 8800 Triangles. Here is a wireframe

Was also testing a new technique with uv splits and have put it on a 1x2048 map for downscaling later on. Here are the results.

Quite happy how the split uv islands work out with shading and they have no errors between them. I guess stiching uv islands is not always worth it to get better results. However I will have to reUV it into 2 seperate texture sheets so I can readjust some areas. Make ones smaller and some bigger becouse some of the detail didn't bake very well.

Thursday, 17 November 2011

High Poly Forklift Truck

For my Vehicle project I have chosen to create my Forklift Truck that I have back home. I have taken my reference pictures before I came back for the 3rd year. The reason I have chose this is becouse it's a relatively small vehicle with an open interior. Within the tiangle limit I have I could retain alot of detail without sacreficing any shapes. On the other side it's some kind of a relict from the socialist times. It's been build in the 80's and its still working. Looks like it have been through alot tho. The detail on the metal body makes it look very interesting. Russian stickers on the sides and really old Polish mechanical stickers make it even better.

Here is a quick render of my High Poly Forklift truck for my Vehicle project. Nearly finished unwrapping it and will be baking the normals on to the low poly.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Environment Inspiration : Living Bridge

I have found a very interesting video on the web. Meghalaya's Living Bridge is truly amazing. It is a great inspiration for a game environment.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Palazzo Renders - W.I.P

New renders of my Palazzo. It's still an Alpha version but its in a stage that I can show it. Got still couple of things to add to it.

AT-ST New Renders

New AT-ST Renders for my Portfolio.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Door Color

Need to choose between those two which one to settle on :)

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Finnaly finished the flag. I have sculpted the wrinkles and folds in Zbrush then took it to Photoshop to add additional detail. I have also imported is as a skeletal mesh so that the wind affects the flag in the environment.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Soon Soon ...

Ye so I am nearly there with this environment. Hope I will be able to finish it before eurogamer. I've made the ivy modular so I could reuse/recycle it arround the environment as much as possible.

Still to do :
- Create assets
- Flag, Woodplanks, Crate and Barrel
- Texture Doors and Lantern
- Fix Walkway floor
- Add dirt and grime on the walls and floors
- Decals

... and propably few things that will pop out during the process :P Then I can move to fixing Lighting and posprocessing.