Monday, 8 August 2011

Just some testing

So I did some Learning this weekend and my main focus was on the vertex blending. I have used my tiles which I made in Zbrush for it. The shader setup took some time but was well worth it. I have setup couple of channels so I could paint moss between cracks without having a huge amount of verts and bumped up the normal so wherever I painted with the alpha channel I made the tiles look more damaged. This gave me alot of variation on the surface.

I realized that it looked a bit flat and too horizontal. Apart from adding alot of geometry to the floor I could build up a quick terrain and make the floor tiles 3 seperate meshes which I could instance around, twist and position however I liked so that I will brake up the tilability and make things more interesting. I blended some materials with the terrain i've created in UDK.

Here is just a visualisation what it would look like. Tho this was done in 5 min to get an overall idea. Those stones are a bit too big and their shapes are not perfect. Got also some alpha problems on the chamfers ^^.

The reason I am doing this is becouse the foliage and roots will have an easier and more believable base to be put on rather than just a flat plane with vertex blending. It will be also easier to fit other roots comming through the ground in random places.

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