Monday, 12 September 2011

Door Color

Need to choose between those two which one to settle on :)


  1. as a base No. 2- draws my eye much more. though is it painted wood or metal? maybe think about the material, if it was bronze you could combine the two, having edges turning towards the greenish hue due to oxidisation

  2. Ye I think I will also choose the brown bronze door. Just needed to sattle on one to have a base so I can push the textures more. Worn off edges, scratches and green rust on the edges as you mentioned :)

  3. hey there, finally found your blog!..the environment looks great bart! and ye I definitely agree with Al , the red door looks better especially since u have repeating elements like the flag which sort of compliment this ..and although this is a day time scene, would be great to see a night scene!!! and maybe get like a day/night cycle going:) but either way it looks like its going to be a solid addition to ur portfolio.