Thursday, 1 December 2011

Rooftop progress

So I finally decided. Took me some time but it's setteled. I realizied that assets that I've already created I could use in my previous much more interesting blockout so I got back to it. I've re-adjusted some modular pieces and now working on texture panels so I can cut down the geometry of the ground floor and map it to the texture. The overall idea will be to use the textures created for floor and modular bits to wrap around simple assets like chairs and some simple assets. For more unique assets I will use 512's and try to multisub them and reuse the texture bits from other sheets. I am creating most of it in geometry to use vertex paint shader in UDK to give a bit of veriety to some parts and also tint some parts to give a different look to them. Here are some screenshots of the progress...

Did also a quick paintover of how the main building will look. Just playing with shapes. After I have done all the metal panels and do the floor I will expand on this one.

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