Saturday, 16 July 2011

Change of plans

After getting some crit on my environment I've realized that it is a bit boring. In the first stage of planning the environment I wanted to create a huge tree in the middle and make the palazzo sort of a garden. When I was sculpting my assets I was very carefull not to overdo the damage to the architecture. Now I can go all out and create something interesting. A mix of old damaged architecture with foliage where nature and time did their part in destroying something beautiful. I decided to recreate alot of assets and replace some with new ones. It's good that those will be just cosmetic changes and will only involve few swings of a brush in Zbrush. I will have to devide some modular parts so I can create more damage and rubble variations. Here is a quick concept what I have in mind :

Tommorow I will spend most of the day planning out the level again and gathering proper reference for that. Most of the changes will involve also rebaking the maps. I should be starting the changes Soon so that I can start texturing.

Will post some more info soon ! :)

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