Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Tree Basemesh

I realized that most of the stuff I need to do right now (meshes, foliage and other stuff) strongly depends on how the tree will sit in the middle and how will it look. For example I can't fit the tree to the modular stone floor. It has to go the other way around so that I know where the roots will push the stones.
Anyway I wanted to do the blockout in 3ds Max but then I realized that it will be easier with Zspheres inside Zbrush. Concidering I have to nail the silhouette. This way I could make instant changes to all the branches by just selecting the spheres I need to move.
After some time and making a whole forest I sattled on one and kept pushing it forward till I got what I wanted.

The Tree itself will be slightly bend over so that all the horizontal and vertical lines of the modular architecture will be broken a bit which will give it more interest.

This is just the basemesht for the trunk with Roots. All of the smaller branches and leaves will be added later on in 3ds max. I just need to sculpt the trunk and roots for this one inside Zbrush.

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