Thursday, 17 November 2011

High Poly Forklift Truck

For my Vehicle project I have chosen to create my Forklift Truck that I have back home. I have taken my reference pictures before I came back for the 3rd year. The reason I have chose this is becouse it's a relatively small vehicle with an open interior. Within the tiangle limit I have I could retain alot of detail without sacreficing any shapes. On the other side it's some kind of a relict from the socialist times. It's been build in the 80's and its still working. Looks like it have been through alot tho. The detail on the metal body makes it look very interesting. Russian stickers on the sides and really old Polish mechanical stickers make it even better.

Here is a quick render of my High Poly Forklift truck for my Vehicle project. Nearly finished unwrapping it and will be baking the normals on to the low poly.


  1. ohh shiny :0 Really nice work!

  2. This is nice. Even if it looks not new but the reference picture is great. Is there Lawn Mower Belts in it? Thanks.