Thursday, 24 November 2011

Rooftop Research

Did some Texture budget and reusing research for my rooftop project a while ago and made those panels for my design document. I have looked on how much space does each texture use to fit it in the budget I got. Also look how I can properly use th grid system to plan out space on a texture sheet to not waste anything.

The last one has some ref pictures on a clean style with metal panels I want to achieve.
Basicly the idea is to blockout everything first and then create textures that I could reuse all over the level. With that system a lot assets can share the same texture space.

Did a couple of blockouts and working on the last (proper one). Will post some updates on it soon.


  1. Are you using targas? I remember using DDS for the Outso brief last year and it weighted much less :) Although the compression in them can be harsh, but it depends on the settings.

  2. Ye I am using Targas. UDK handles Targas better than any other format :)

  3. Just realised it doesn't even support DDS :I Sorry. It's a shame though, they weight a lot less :(