Saturday, 26 November 2011

Highrise Rooftops

My new blockout was more based on highrise building areas in a hige metropolis. This one looks more busy than the other one and feels like it is in the middle of a city. The previous one would be the highest building in the city and would feel very alone. Here I got alot of elements which break up the sky and also alot of tiers that make it more interesting.

This environment is based on 4 highrise building roofs. Still have to decide on what to put on the 4th one as its not yet blocked out. Might put something unique on it and fill it out with assets from the other rooftops.

Concidering that I have not much time left to get at least 80% of this done I will challenge myself to do it in that time. I am planning to have all the assets done by then, first lighting pass, collisions, serounding buildings done and maby some particles. I will have to leave some stuff like some specular maps and particles for christmas.
I already have an assetlist. Everything is made to scale and snaps to grid. It is just a matter of cutting the geometry, making tilable textures and creating the assets. However I need to keep in mind the reusability and utilization of the texture sheets that I will produce.... Will post some updates soon ! :)

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